10h Greetings 

Introductory remarks by Vanessa Guignery, SEAC President

10h30 – 12h : Keynote speaker

Chair : Claire Hélie (Université de Lille)

Katy Shaw (Northumbria University)

‘Look North: (Re)Presenting Northern England In C21st Creative Industries’

14h- 15h30 : Overbearing bearings ? 

Chair : Mylène Lacroix (Université de Lille)

Fiona McCann (Université de Lille)

Bearing(s) in memoirs by Caro Giles and Kerri Ní Dochartaigh

James Dalrymple (Université de Grenoble-Alpes)

Blue remembered hills: Dennis Potter and the Forest of Dean

16h-17h30 : The centre cannot hold. Or can it ?

Chair : Sophie Musitelli (Université de Lille)

Claire Garnier-Tardieu (Université Sorbonne Nouvelle)

Kathleen Raine (1908-2003) and the North as Paradise

Sam Trainor (Université de Lille)

The displaced Omphalos(-s)tone: the contrapuntal deixis of the Midlands and the ergative pivot in Roy Fisher’s eccentric topopoetics

18h : reading by Liz Berry at the Globe Theatre

with translations by Alice Braun and Claire Hélie and songs by CFMI students (Romain Julie, Mouroui Naaoutchoué, Hajar Benhsaïn, Marie Lorenz, and Pauline Kayser)


9h-10h30 : Motion and differential location

Chair : Vanessa Guignery (ENS Lyon)

Pascale Tollance (Université Lumière-Lyon 2) 

On the Run: The “Temptation of Indifference” and the Search for an Elemental South in A.S. Byatt’s ‘Crocodile Tears’ (Elementals)

Farah Nada (University of Exeter)

“We’re going north”: Motion and Destination in Elizabeth Bowen’s To the North

11h-12h30 : The diaspora maps back 

Chair : Philippe Vervaecke (Université de Lille)

Peter D. Mathews (Hanyang University)

Cardinal Points and Counter-Points in Hari Kunzru’s Gods Without Men 

Sandeep Bakshi (Université Paris Cité)

Un/Thinking, Un/Doing Britain: Dislocating Geographies in Diasporic Literatures

14h00- 16h30 : Embodied perception

Chair : Catherine Bernard (Université Paris Cité)

Georges Letissier (Université de Nantes)

The Cardinal Points of Robert Macfarlane’s Palimpsestuous Walking

Cécile Beaufils (Sorbonne Université)

Due North? Uprooting (Farrell 2023), English Pastoral (Rebanks 2021) reworking cardinal points in contemporary British nature writing

Sarah Jonckheere (Université de Lille)

“‘In the west beyond the west’: Blurred Landmarks, Scalar Complexity, and Anthropocene Affects in Nicholas Royle’s Mother: A Memoir (2020).”