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CFP: Foreign Bodies – Montpellier (12-13/10/23)

Foreign Bodies: Becoming Apart, Becoming a Part in Contemporary British Literature 12-13 0ctober, 2023 International conference EMMA (EA741)Université Paul-Valéry Montpellier3 – Site Saint Charles Organizers: Katia Marcellin and Carine Nibakure Keynote speakers: Professor Catherine Bernard (Université Paris-Cité) and Harry Parker (author of Anatomy of a… Continue Reading →

CFP 2023 SEAC Conference: North, South, East, West Cardinal points and regions in contemporary British literature and arts

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CALL FOR PAPERS North, South, East, West Cardinal points and regionsin contemporary British literature and arts International conference SEAC / CECILLEUniversité de Lille, 19-20 October 2023Organized by Claire Hélie Keynote speaker: Prof. Katy Shaw (Northumbria University) Geographical issues are central… Continue Reading →

CFP: Congrès de la SAES. Université de Rennes 2 – 1 au 3 juin 2023. « Transmission(s) »

CFP: Consolation in contemporary British and postcolonial literatures 6-7/4/ 23 ENS Lyon

CONF – Narrative ethics and character in the representation of the past in contemporary English-speaking fiction (Caen 21-22/10/22)

SEAC Conference 2022 – Programme

CFP: ENSFR Annual Conference — Lisbon 2022 October 27-29 Short Fiction as World Literature

In Death of a Discipline, Gayatri Spivak mentions the problematic identification of “literature” with the novel form in comparative literature (2005: 123). Her concern with our general blindness to non-hegemonic forms recalls the consternation frequently shown in short fiction criticism… Continue Reading →

SEAC 2022 Conference: Ways of Picturing, Thinking and Telling Our Time (Metz 20-21/2022)

Ways of Picturing, Thinking and Telling Our Time: Fifty Years of Seeing with John Berger Scroll down for French version. Call for Papers International Conference, October 20th-21st, 2022. With a keynote lecture by Tom Overton.             2022 marks the 50thanniversary… Continue Reading →

Atelier SEAC/Nouvelles SAES 2022

Atelier 5 : Société d’Études Anglaises Contemporaines / La Nouvelle de langue anglaise Responsables de l’atelier : Vanessa Guignery (École Normale Supérieure de Lyon) et Gérald Preher (Université d’Artois) Jeudi 2 juin 13h30 – Clémence Laburthe-Tolra (Université Paul Valéry – Montpellier 3) Fractured Landscape, Divided Society,… Continue Reading →

Modernism and Matter CFP

Modernism and Matter  13-14 October 2022 Université Paul-Valéry Montpellier3 An International workshop organised by EMMA (Université Paul-Valéry Montpellier3) in collaboration with CIRPaLL (Université d’Angers)  This workshop on modernism and matter is an incentive to interrogate the meaning of matter, and… Continue Reading →

CFP Congrès de la SAES 2022

————————— Congrès de la SAES. Université de Clermont-Auvergne – 2 au 4 juin 2022.  « Failles » / « Faults and Fault Lines » Atelier 5 : Société d’Études Anglaises Contemporaines (SEAC) / La Nouvelle de langue anglaise  In Salman Rushdie’s The Ground Beneath Her Feet,… Continue Reading →

SEAC 2021 conference – Avignon Université

SEAC Conference: ‘Disrupting’ the City: Urban Cris(e)s in Contemporary British Literature and Art Avignon Université, 14-15 October 2021 Salle 0E32 – Campus Centre ville Convened by Elsa Cavalié& Justine Gonneaud (Avignon Université / ICTT) THURSDAY 14 OCTOBER  Morning Session 9am     Welcome 9.15 – 9.30     Conference… Continue Reading →

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