ENS de Lyon, 15-16 October 2015

LOL! Comedy, Humour and Satire in the Literature and Visual Arts of the 20th and 21st Centuries in Britain


Websites: http://lol.ens-lyon.fr/


Thursday 15th October 2015

08.45: Registration
09.00: Welcome address by Catherine BERNARD, President of the SÉAC

Morning Session

Chair: Catherine BERNARD (University Paris — Diderot)

9.15: Alain BLAYAC (Paul Valéry University — Montpellier 3): “Comedy in
Evelyn Waugh’s Fiction”

9.40: Georges LETISSIER (University of Nantes): “Come(dies) of Ageism:
Kingsley Amis’s Barmy, Old Devils”

10.05: François GALLIX (Sorbonne University — Paris 4): “Alan Sillitoe:
The Long Distance Runner’s Life-Long Sense of Humour”

10.30: Discussion

11.10: Françoise DUPEYRON-LAFAY (Paris Est — Créteil University): “The
Subversive Use of the Canonical Intertext in P.G. Wodehouse’s Code of
the Woosters (1938): a (Woolfian) Defence of Comedy”

11.35: Caroline DUVEZIN-CAUBET (University of Nice — Sophia Antipolis):
“Elephants and Light Fantasy: Humor in Terry Pratchett’s Discworld Series”

12.00: Discussion

Afternoon session: JONATHAN COE

Chair: Jean-Michel GANTEAU (Paul Valéry University — Montpellier 3)

14.00: Merritt MOSELEY (University of North Carolina at Asheville):
“Jonathan Coe’s Painful Comedy, Comic Pain”

14.25: José RAMON PRADO (Universitat Jaume I): “The Comic Grotesque as
Political Statement in Jonathan Coe”

14.50: Christian GUTLEBEN (University of Nice — Sophia Antipolis):
“Bleak Humour: Jonathan Coe’s Politeness of Despair in The Rotters’ Club”

15.15: Laurent MELLET (University of Toulouse — Jean Jaurès): “From
Laughing along to Mislaughing oneself away and Coming out in Jonathan
Coe’s Fiction”

15.40: Discussion

Chair: Vanessa GUIGNERY (ENS de Lyon, IUF)

16.30: David QUANTICK (comedy writer and broadcaster): “The Vicar at the
Window Sponging his Aspidistra: Comedy in High and Low British Culture”

17.00: A Conversation with JONATHAN COE

(with Vanessa Guignery, Laurent Mellet and Catherine Pesso-Miquel)

Friday 16th October

Morning Session

Chair: Lacy RUMSEY (ENS de Lyon)

9.15: Aloysia ROUSSEAU (Sorbonne University — Paris 4): “Harold Pinter’s
The Birthday Party (1958) and The Dumb Waiter (1960) or the
Intermingling of Farce and Menace”

9.40: Graham WOLFE (National University of Singapore): “Undead Comedy in
Caryl Churchill’s A Number (2002)”

10.05: Lynn BLIN (Paul Valéry University — Montpellier 3): “The Office –
The Mockumentary and the Ethics of Laughter”

10.30: Discussion

Chair: Christian GUTLEBEN (University of Nice — Sophia Antipolis)

11.10: Justine GONNEAUD (University of Avignon): “ ‘A Satire at Once
Savage and Toothless’: The Politics and Aesthetics of Satire in Will
Self’s Works”

11.35: Jean-Michel GANTEAU (Paul Valéry University — Montpellier 3):
“Exposures: Humour and Vulnerability in some Contemporary British Novels”

12.00: Discussion

Afternoon session

Chair: Catherine PESSO-MIQUEL (Lumière University — Lyon 2)

14.00: Brigitte FRIANT-KESSLER (University of Valenciennes): “Echoing
Laughter: Graphic Afterlives, Media and Remediation in Martin Rowson’s
Political Satire”

14.25: Emilie WALEZAK (Lumière University — Lyon 2): “Satire Revised in
Light of Thatcherism in Rose Tremain’s Restoration (1989)”

14.50: Valérie MORISSON (University of Burgundy): “Parodistic Fabric:
Yinka Shonibare MBE’s Satires”

15.15: Discussion

15.45: Round table, chaired by Catherine BERNARD (University Paris —
Diderot): “Recent Developments in British Literature”

17.30: End of the conference

Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon

Conference room, site Buisson, IFE

15, parvis René Descartes – BP 7000

69342 LYON cedex 07 – France

More information on http://ensconferences.vanessaguignery.com