Literature’s Exception(s), Howards End, New Perspectives on Woolf’s Resistance to Feminism

Literature’s Exception(s)

Editor : Catherine Bernard

Catherine Bernard : Introduction

Alice Borrego: ‘Against the Norm: Exception as a Disruptive Force in Rebecca West’s The Return of the Soldier (1918)’

Justine Gonneaud: ‘Exceptionality and Commonality in Jackie Kay’s Trumpet’

Héloïse Lecomte: ‘The Hapax of Mourning: Ali Smith’s Aesthetics of Exception in Artful (2012)’

Catherine Lanone: ‘Pat Barker’s The Silence of the Girls and the state of exception’

Armelle Parey: ‘Kate Atkinson’s Crime Fiction: Exception as a Rule’

Isabelle Roblin: ‘Alison Case’s Nelly Dean (2016): an Exceptional Neo-Victorian novel?’

Emilie Walezak: ‘Peacock and Vine by A. S. Byatt: An Auctorbiography’

Mark Davies: ‘Technology and Formal Innovation in the Contemporary Novel: the Goldsmiths Prize’

E. M. Forster–James Ivory: Howards End

Editors : Catherine Lanone and Laurent Mellet

Catherine Lanone et Laurent Mellet : Introduction

Marie Laniel, ‘“Quem fugis”: The Poetics of Arrested Flight in ”Other Kingdom” and Howards End’
Christian Gutleben:‘“Glorious Bastards” : The Praise of Impurity in E.M. Forster’s Howards End’

Andrew Thacker: ‘Of Dust and Rubber: Rereading Howards End’

Dennis Tredy: ‘Readjustment and Reaccentuation: What Ruth Prawer Jhabvala’s Screenplay Reveals About James Ivory’s Film Adaptation of Howards End’

Christophe Gelly: ‘Fades to Black, Slow Motion and Mismatch—Connection and Disconnection in the Editing of James Ivory’s Howards End (1992)’

Jean-François Baillon: ‘James Ivory’s Ghosts: Howards End as Haunted House’

Feminist Woolf: New Perspectives on Woolf’s Resistance to Feminism

Editor : Nicolas Pierre Boileau

Nicolas Pierre Boileau : Introduction

Marie Allègre : ‘Psychoanalytic Receptions of Woolf’s Vision of Androgyny: Feminist Uses of Ambivalence?’

Valérie Favre: A Room of One’s Own’s (Resistance to) Feminist Interpretations and Feminism

Nicolas Pierre Boileau : Woolf’s Exploration of —Combinations: Feminism in Night and Day

Claire Davison : Non-census feminism?—Ethel Smyth, Virginia Woolf and the ‘Burning of Votes Boats, etc.’