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Thursday morning: 09.15 — 13.00. Montague Room

09.15. Welcome of participants

09.50. Foreword (Convenors)

Chair: Catherine Lanone (Sorbonne Nouvelle University)


10.00. Claire OMHOVÈRE (Paul Valéry – Montpellier 3 University): “Lyme Regis Revisited: The Geological Landscape in Joan Thomas’s Curiosity. A Love Story (2010)”

10.20. Sophie AYMES (University of Bourgogne – Franche-Comté): “Promenade Along the Coast: (Re)visiting Dymchurch in the Works of Paul Nash and Dave McKean”

10.40. Discussion

Coffee break


11.30. Béatrice LAURENT (Bordeaux – Montaigne University): “A ‘Great Plateful of Blue Water’: St Ives Seascapes in Ink and Paint”

11.50. Marie LANIEL (University of Picardie – Jules Verne): “‘A Tear Formed, a Tear Fell’: Virginia Woolf’s Elegiac Landscapes”

12.10. Nicolas BOILEAU (Aix-Marseille University), Rebecca WELSHMAN (University of Liverpool): “‘Walled-in’: the Psychology of the English Garden in Virginia Woolf’s Mrs Dalloway and Rachel Cusk’s The Country Life

12.30. Discussion

* * *

Thursday afternoon: 14.00 — 18.00. Montague Room

Chair: Liliane Louvel (University of Poitiers, President of ESSE and IAWIS)


14.00. Claire HÉLIE (University of Lille): “You Can Hear the Cacophonous Landscape Calling”: Steve Ely’s Yorkshire Landscapes of Contest”

14.20. Émilie WALEZAK (Lumière University – Lyon 2): “The Significance of Cumbria in Sarah Hall’s Novels”

14.40. Karolina KOLENDA (University of Krakow): “The Complicity of Landscape. Nostalgic Viewing in the Age of (Unnatural) Disasters”

15.00 Discussion

Coffee break


16.00. Nathalie SAUDO-WELBY (University of Picardie – Jules Verne): “‘Beyond my Landscape Powers’: Elizabeth Butler and the Politics of Landscape-painting”

16.20. Catherine HOFFMANN (University of Le Havre): “Jocelyn Brooke’s Country: ‘Topologies of the Self’”

16.40. Laurence PETIT (Paul Valery – Montpellier 3 University): “The Artistry of Site in John Banville’s Ghosts

17.00 Discussion

Friday morning: 09.00 — 12.30. Bloomsbury Room

Chair: Claire Omhovère (Paul Valery – Montpellier 3 University)


09.00. Cécile BEAUFILS (Sorbonne University): “Nature Writing and Publishing: the Ethics of a Cultural Mapping”

09.20. Elsa CAVALIÉ (University of Avignon): “‘A Sudden Space Began to Open out’: Dover, Chesil, Dunkirk, Beaches as Liminal Spaces in Ian McEwan’s Fiction”

09.40. Marie-Odile SALATI (University of Savoie – Mont Blanc): “The Englishness of English Landscapes in the Eyes of Two American Artists: Henry James’s English Hours Illustrated by Joseph Pennell”

10.00. Discussion

Coffee break


11.00. Pascale TOLLANCE (Lumière University – Lyon 2): “Gone up in Smoke: The Land(scape) That is No More in Graham Swift’s Wish You Were Here

11.20. Aurore CAIGNET (Rennes 2 University): “Representing and Recording the Transformation of the Industrial Landscape in the North of England: A Reappraisal of Identity”

11.40. Isabelle KELLER-PRIVAT (Toulouse – Jean Jaurès University): “David Gascoyne’s Night Thoughts: An Orphic Journey into London”

12.00. Discussion 

* * *

Friday afternoon: 14.00 — 18.00. Bloomsbury Room

THE UTOPIA OF COMMUNALITY. Chair: Sarah Dillon (University of Cambridge)

14.00. Maxim SHADURSKI (Siedlce University): “England in Utopia: A Spatial Imaginary of the World State”

14.20. Laurent MELLET (Toulouse – Jean Jaurès University): “London Doubts: Wellsian Undersides and Undertones in Jonathan Coe’s Number 11

14.40. Charlotte GOULD (Sorbonne Nouvelle University): “Recent Public Art in Britain: from Site to Situation”

15.00. Discussion 

Coffee break

THE SITES OF THE COMMON. Chair: Jean-Michel Ganteau (Paul Valery – Montpellier 3 University)

16.00. Xavier GIUDICELLI (University of Reims – Champagne-Ardenne): “Intermedial Cityscapes: Remapping / Reimagining London and Topographies of Desire in Scott Lyman’s Excerpts from Alan Hollinghurst’s The Swimming Pool

16.20. Tatiana POGOSSIAN (Paris): “The State of a City: Community Building in Zadie Smith, John Lanchester and Iain Sinclair”

16.40. Claire LARSONNEUR (Paris 8 University): “Glow or the Hallucinated City”

17.00. Discussion

Saturday morning: 09.00 — 12.00. Bloomsbury Room

Chair: Isabelle Gadoin (University of Poitiers)


09.00. Keynote lecture. Liliane LOUVEL (University of Poitiers, President of ESSE and IAWIS):

“Changing / Unchanging Landscapes: Stanley Spencer’s ‘Peculiarly English Landscapes’”

09.40. Julie LEBLANC (University of Toronto): “Landscapes of War in Edward Ardizzone’s Illustrated Diary and Artistic Productions: the Political and Pictorial landscapes of WWII”

10.00. Discussion

Coffee break

11.00. Valérie MORISSON (University of Bourgogne – Franche-Comté): “Landscapes of Darkness: Inter-iconicity and Intermediality in David George’s Nightscapes”

11.20. Christian MORARU (University of North Carolina, Greensboro): “Embedded with the World: Place, Displacement, and Relocation in Recent British and Postcolonial Fiction”

11.40. Discussion

* * *

Saturday afternoon: 14.00 — 17.30. Bloomsbury Room

Chair: Catherine Bernard (Paris Diderot University)


14.00. Élodie RAIMBAULT (University of Grenoble – Alpes): “Aerial Scapes and Technological Perspectives in the Science-fiction of H. G. Wells and Rudyard Kipling”

14.20. Bastien GOURSAUD (Paris Sorbonne University): “‘The River’s Mutterings’: Lyrical Discretion, Communal Utterance, and Poetry beyond the Human in Alice Oswald’s Dart

14.40. Diane LEBLOND (Paris Diderot University): “Landscape Shaped by Blindness: Touching the Rock (1990) and Notes on Blindness (2016), Towards an Ec(h)ology of Vision”

15.00. Discussion

Coffee break


16.00. Justine GONNEAUD (University of Avignon – Pays du Vaucluse): “Scales, Proportions and Quantities: Will Self’s Distorted Urbanscapes”

16.20. Jean-Michel GANTEAU (Paul Valery – Montpellier 3 University): “Landscapes of Attention. Reservoir 13 (2017), Jon McGregor”

16.40. Discussion

17.00. Concluding words (convenors)