Etudes britanniques contemporaines 39
« Rhythm in Contemporary British Poetry »

In Defence of the Dolnik: Twentieth-Century British Verse in Free Four-Beat Metre –   Derek Attridge

A Non-Modular Theory of Text-Setting in Folksong –  Rosalía Rodríguez-Vázquez

Rhythm in Thomas Hardy’s Verse: “New Continuities of Meaning” –  Laurence Estanove

An Experience with Rhythm: W. S. Graham-  David Nowell-Smith

Rhythm as Spiritual Pursuit in the Poetry of George Mackay Brown -Dominique Delmaire

Rhythm, Composition, Syntax and Semantics in R. S. Thomas’ “No”, “Kneeling” and “Via Negativa” – Tomasz Wisniewski

Rhythm and Reader Identity in Philip Larkin and Keston Sutherland – David Kennedy

Describing Shape in the Poetry of J.H. Prynne: Rhythm and Intonation in “Again in the Black Cloud” – Lacy Rumsey

Ideologies of English: Stress Clash, “Anglo-Saxon”, and Twentieth-Century Conceptions of Rhythm – Andrew Eastman

“I want you to tell me if grief, brought to numbers, cannot be so fierce”: Stanzaic Form, Rhythm and Play in Paul Muldoon’s Long Poems- Martin Ryle

“It’s my voice ; that’s how I speak”: The Rhythms of Northern English in the Poetry of Simon Armitage – Claire Hélie

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